Approach and partners

The originality and main challenge of PANsafer project is to take simultaneously into account the rail/road elements of transport safety, as these elements are traditionally tackled separately due to the separation of their respective regulatory authorities and cultures.

This project also benefits largely from previous knowledge that have been collected among partners, national and international projects or different related working groups.

So, PANsafer is a three level structured project :

  • Partners from different nature: INRETS, UTBM-SeT, ECLille, EPFL, CERTU, RFF, TL (Transport Lausannois), INFODIO, ERT
  • Working on different issues: accidentologists, psychologists, technicians with engineering and/or human sciences background
  • Various and complementary technologies: Communication, surveillance tools with their related signal processing.

As recommended in VTT programme, our project covers various scientific and technological scopes. It concerns two modes of transport (rail and road) and all their applications (individuals, professionals, travellers and freight.)